Check out this G-league participant that indiscriminately shows up to a private division 1 pick up run and no one knew who he was, gets ruined! lol

Jordan Stevens played for Midwestern State then tried out for the cleveland cavaliers at the NBA Summer League.
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  1. Players in video

    Jordan Stevens – the guy killing everybody
    Hoodie Rio – Mizzou
    Jeremiah Tilmon the 6’11 dude – Mizzou
    Caleb Love, five star recruit – Red shirt
    CamRon Fletcher, five star recruit – White shirt
    Yuri Collins blue shorts – Saint Louis U
    Terrence Hargrove dark skin with the kyries – Saint Louis U
    EJ Liddell – Neon Nike swoosh shirt, top 50 recruit – Ohio State
    Bryton Hobbs w/ bald patch – Pro player

    • Bald patch lol

    • Who is the guy with a dumbell on his shirt

    • i used to go to juco with bryton hobbs. unless its a different baller with the same name. used to have dreads. some of my friends referred to him as wayne first time they saw him (as in lil wayne). i remember once both doing curls in the weight room and we were using the same weight so we had to keep handing the weights back and forth cuz their was only one set of 25s lol.

    • +Sean W I think he was tryna be funny tlking about the kcrg man, news reporter

    • +ChiKay300 kcrg

  2. ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    That’s quite different from the pick-up games I’m used to play…”Let it rain !”

  3. I don’t know what it takes to be in the NBA, but what I’m positive is the formula they use to determine who does play in the league will and has overlooked players that could have been better than guys who made it.

  4. Jaden Palmer-Waldron

    They was mad they was getting cooked ?

  5. This court needs more diversity, where are the Arabs, Chinese, German and mexicans at?

  6. I wish I could play basketball like black people they so nice at it ?

  7. Jonathan Gaines

    The difference between overseas dominating and being steph curry is marginal to us.. but compared to the greatest to play right now that margin is as big as the Pacific Ocean. We can’t understand

  8. Jonathan Gaines

    9:20 ..the way he reacted … difference between men and boys

  9. Bruh

  10. Imagine the smell

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