Princeton vs. Arizona – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

15-seed Princeton pulled off a record upset when they knocked out 2-seed Arizona in the First Round of the 2023 adult males’s NCAA tournament, its first tournament win since 1998. Watch the full extended highlights here.

Watch the Condensed Game from Arizona Wildcats vs. Princeton Tigers, 03/16/2023
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  1. Culinary Physics

    Princeton vs. Arizona? More like David vs. Goliath! 🏀🔥 #marchmadness

  2. And here I thought AZ would get knocked off in the second round.
    Princeton?? They lost to Ivy League Princeton?? Sounds like they partied their little butts off a tad too much down there in drug-filled Tucson after beating UCLA.

  3. Yes I’m still mad about it

  4. tigers vs tigers Saturday

  5. Love the upsets. Arizona is a generational underperformer, but this loss is epic.

  6. Brains over Braun again!

  7. Arizona will either surpass expectations and make a Final Four or absolutely embarrass themselves and the Pac-12 by losing to a huge underdog. This is typical Arizona.

  8. I finished filling out my brackets Thursday night avoiding all scores and games. I started watching at around 9:55 central time. By 10pm I saw the scores and my brackets were busted because I picked Arizona to win it all! After 5 minutes everything was done for me! Completely busted!

  9. I have picked a winner one year when UConn won, but that’s the only year I have ever picked a winning team.

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