Princess Rhaenyra Is Summoned By Queen Alicent | House of the Dragon | HBO

Here is your first look at Emma D’Arcy and John Macmillan in next week’s episode of #HouseoftheDragon.

And it is just getting began. #HBO50.

Catch up on the newest episode of House of the Dragon before a new episode streams this Sunday evening on HBO Max.

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  1. Did I miss something I thought they were younger

  2. 😑😒💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤🚽

  3. Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo

    Despite his incompatible orientation with her, I like that Laenor is doing his best to be a good and supportive husband to Rhaenyra, and probably will be a good father to his “sons”.

  4. When he asked, “Was it terribly painful?” Rhaenyra looked like she would have slapped him right there if she’d had the energy to raise her arm.

    It was a total, “Are you kidding?” look.

  5. The relationship was bad and Alicent being a petty and spoiled doesn’t make it any better.

  6. The dialogue in this show isn’t very good. This scene seems improvised.

  7. I like her look more because she looks more Eastern European/Russian

  8. Wow I’m speechless

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