Princess Diana statue revealing – Prince Harry & William to reunite for emotional memorial

Princess Diana statue revealing – Prince Harry & William to reunite for emotional memorial honouring mom on what would have been her 60th bday.

PRINCES Harry and William will NEVER heal their rift all the time Meghan Markle is in the frame, a royal expert has asserted.

The feuding brothers are stated to have been “at each others throats” behind the scenes at Prince Philip’s funeral, having hardly talked to each other since Harry and Meghan fled to the US to live a purportedly “private” life.

Now royal expert Hugo Vickers has stated their is no chance of the brothers finishing the vendetta while Meghan is around because her spouse is simply too “under the thumb” to realise the damage he’s done to his sibling.

‘I do not know what they can do under the present circumstances… Harry has got to awaken to what is going on. It is a really ugly situation,” he told The Express.

‘Harry is so under the thumb of Meghan it is not really possible until he emerges from that,” he added, hinting that ending his relationship with the Duchess might be the only way to fix relations with his brother.

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Princess Diana statue unveiling LIVE – Feuding Prince Harry and William to reunite TODAY for memorial on mum’s 60th

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  1. Being a BUDDHIST of Srilanka , I pray for The Late Princes Diana ” MAY HER ATTAIN NIBBAANA “( It means no reincarnation again ).

  2. Andrea Marzani

    H & W should unite to have this horrible portrayal of their beautiful mother demolished..

  3. WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG…I CRIED LIKE I WAS DYING…I DON’T APPRECIATE THE LAUGHTER…OR Harry kissing the W****! American will always love you Diana

  4. I really don’t care and most of the world doesn’t either.

  5. The two brothers seem so far apart, you can see it when each can try to talk with other people, instead to each other. Harry got instructions from MM and her PR team to smile and look nice. Instead of talking,quarelling , in private with his family in order to take all his burden off his soul ,he chose to do what his wife told him to do and embarrace his family and the institution.He had to make her look nice,so he sacrificed his family, but no matter what, she will never take Diana’s place in people’s minds and hearts, because she is not a nice person.When Kate came into the family, she didn’t try to cause any problems and separate William from his family.

  6. Which one of the kids is wearing the dress, Harry or William?

  7. Looks very dowdy and generic to me

  8. Considering the crown had her killed, did you really think they were gonna put too much efforts into her statue?

  9. Sebastiana Matthews

    Wonderful to see you both were smiling and I wish you all the happiness in this life for both of you love you both from Brazil

  10. Brian A. Bell sr

    She’s not black. How long before you libtarded people teer it down

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