Princess Anne’s emotional and historical moment beside the Queen’s coffin

Princess Anne made history by becoming the very first royal female to contribute in the ‘Vigil of the Princes’ as she joined her brothers to stand guard over their mom’s coffin.

The 72-year-old was dressed in her military uniform for the historical moment at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh beside her three brothers King Charles III, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.


  1. Princess Anne is often forgotten. Loved Princess Diane but Anne was doing it all before her but quietly, always has, always will.

  2. No matter how old our children get, to a Mother they are still our babies. No matter how old the children get, that is Mommy at the end.

  3. Não é fácil perder uma Mãe
    Descanse Paz . Rainha Elizabeth ll.

  4. Princess Anne mas pele novo, linda. é irmão Charles velo pior.

  5. Ann my sister take courage.

  6. RussiaisaRiddle…..

    This was such a beautiful and poignant event. I don’t think I will ever forget the quiet dignity HMT cues family displayed during this vigil. I am especially amazed that both King Charles and the Princess Royale. They both must of been running on pure adrenaline as neither has had much sleep. Her Majesty has a great deal to be proud of. I don’t think my brothers or myself, and we are younger, could possibly have kept pace with them. God bless them all.

  7. Muito triste perder uma mãe ninguém quer perder que DEUS conforte sua família

  8. Andrew is vile.

  9. روحش شاد .. يادش گرامى 🥲😭😭

  10. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, history will remember September 8 – 19, 2022, as “Her Finest Hour”. Bravo, Princess Royal! When it is time for you to return to God, may the Kingdom and Commonwealth display gratitude and love worthy of you and your devotion to duty and service.

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