Princess Anne Got Divorced And Now We Know Why

Steamy love letters, cheating accusations, and a kid out of wedlock. If you are wondering why Princess Anne got divorced from Mark Phillips, the details are even juicier than you might have believed likely.

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Richard Meade | 0:00
Horses and Mark Phillips | 1:19
Andrew Parker Bowles | 2:24
Marriage to Mark Phillips | 3:31
Cracks begin to show | 4:12
Phillips had a lovechild | 5:24
Was Princess Anne not faithful? | 6:22
A long divorce | 7:39
The Queen took it hard | 8:52


  1. What do you think of Princess Anne’s divorce?

  2. These are some morally sick people

  3. Gladys Abalagajara Kukeba

    Maybe my love for counselling has urge me into a culture of studying this Royal family and their marriages.
    Sometimes I feel there’s a lot of importance needed to be done left out before marriages in many societies.
    If the church has the Bible as its pillar and divorce is practiced freely by members of a family who should be an example as leaders, without fear or consideration for what the Lord Jesus Christ Himself commented about Moses giving us that law of divorce because of our hardness of heart 🤔🤔 The clergy should examine the subject of marriage and divorce again.🤔🤔🙏

  4. Andrew Parker Bowl was married to camilla wen she was seeing him…

  5. I saw a documentary on her and sha became my favorite. Only Kate has shaken that spot in my heart but I still really respect Anne the most

  6. what amazes me is that people still find them interesting. it is not like they have not done anything and everything. and besides, personally their looks are not the best of the bunch as compared to probably Queen Rania…difference by a mile.

  7. The Queen died a week ago. Everyone who can Google can find out details about Princess Anne’s first marriage but right now… let’s have some respect for the late Queen🇬🇧💔

  8. Isn’t it strange how the Queen has publicly sid she doesn’t condone divorce, but she still holds her princess title & is allowed to continue working within the RF.
    Look @ the 3 out of 4 of the Queens kids & you’ll c that their divorced.
    I believe that The Queen knew where the monarchy is going & thank The Lord, she’s not going to c it fall apart, unless Charles abdicates & turns it over to William.

  9. Looks like the men in UK had to koin UK royal military to get a good catch 😆 🤣

  10. Jägarhært Contracting Int.

    Honestly I didn’t even know princess Anne even existed

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