Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte share touching moment during Queen’s funeral

A touching moment between Prince Harry and his niece Princess Charlotte was caught on film during the Queen’s funeral on Monday morning.


  1. This whole thing is ridiculous

  2. Princess Charlotte is like Queen Elizabeth. Total boss and takes protocols and duties seriously.

  3. It’s hard for little kids at funerals. They were amazing considering the circumstances 😢🙏🏾

  4. My daughter was a well behaved 5 year old at her great grandfather funeral. My Children were taught at home on behavior in church and public places, also exposed them to life events.

  5. At what point are you going to stop calling the princess of wales by her maiden name????

  6. There is no feud. One cannot be trusted due to his lies and the hurt he’s caused his family.

  7. No they don’t Prince William and Princess Catherine made sure he wasn’t very close by her.

  8. This is so sad. This man not being around to witness and participate in his niece and nephews childhood and then not letting his own children grow up with their cousins. Absolutely tragic and sickening. Shame on MM, we all know she is the one who instigated this. Shame on Harry for not growing a pair and putting his foot down.

  9. I personally, want Prince Harry to return to the Kingdom to rejoin the family so he is together again with his brother Prince William’s .

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