Prigozhin: Wagner Group will leave Bakhmut, Russian defense authorities to blame | DW News

In breaking news with regards to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the founder of the Russian mercenary group also known as Wagner says his forces will leave the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut early next week.
He faulted Russia’s top defense officers for heavy losses and accused them of very hungry his forces of ammunition. The Wagner group has spearheaded Russian tries to capture Bakhmut since last summer.

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  1. Reaping what you sow.

  2. Just saw the MASSIVE amounts of arms going NOW to the Russian forces MASSIVE MASSIVE amount. They are coming for you Zelensky!!

  3. you cant put video without sound and telling us what he says without prove

  4. Time for putin to be put onto that pile of Fodder..

  5. Excuses, for untrained , demoralised Men who think they are soldiers ! Slava Ukraine !

  6. Russia just pulled out this stunt in order to make Wagner group look more intimidating.

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