Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

It lives to hunt. #Prey is coming to Hulu on August 5.


  1. So when is Bethesda/Microsoft gonna sue Disney?

  2. thankful for more native american representation

  3. Tomasz Porębiński

    Pocahontas Vs Predator

  4. It should’ve ended with Predator 2…

  5. Oh dear god, how laughably embarrassing for you 20th Century Studios… expect a loss 🙂

  6. Arnold killed it once

  7. I didn’t catch it was a predator movie until the red dots. A fun surprise. Also, it looks pretty dope.

  8. Gona be another woke film as per usual.

  9. Should have been in theaters and on Hulu. It actually looks good

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