Prey – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann critiques Prey, featuring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg.


  1. Predator vs bear was very cool

  2. Richard Geraghty

    The shot of the Predator holding the dead bear up while the blood slowly reveals his form under the optical camouflage is instantly iconic. The movie is great; exactly what the franchise needed.

  3. This is the fourth best Predator movie.
    Not bad but ultimately a snooze fest.

  4. I think the film was beautifully shot. Almost to pretty to be a predator film.

  5. Good movie

  6. Best movie since Rob Rodriquez’s Predators…Wish it was spoken in commanche entirely, and that they would of kept the taiko drum theme music that plays whenever predator shows up, that’s been in every movie since part 1… I give this movie a 👍 B+….

  7. The movie was just average. Bad CGI, unrealistic fights, quick cuts to cover up inconsistencies in the film. A little leading lady who takes on the Predator and defeats it while she couldn’t even defeat a bear. Atmosphere of the film was good, the pacing was good. The film has potential. Unfortunately, the kind of “Superhero Action” didn’t allow the film to grow beyond mediocrity. Those who say the film is a masterpiece honestly have no idea what a good film is. The standards of these people are incredibly low, they don’t understand what makes a good film. These viewers are extremely incompetent and responsible for so many bad films are made as they praise any crap to high heaven.

  8. And you don’t see anything wrong with the false narrative of strong females who do things in film they cannot really do? Wow.

  9. If she had grabbed the mask at the end and aimed it at the Predator, instead of having to get it to stand within inches of where it needed to be, this would be a 5/5 for me. 4.5/5 Loved it!

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