Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders recaps Colorado’s dominant win over Nebraska in Week 2

Deion Sanders sat down with reporters to discuss the Colorado Buffaloes’ win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Week 2.

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  1. He is just so honest, unscripted and refreshing!!!!


    Wait til Bama offers him the Head Coaching position…

  3. If you told anyone 30 years ago that Deion Sanders would become the man he is today, nobody would have believed you. NOBODY. He was the most obnoxious and self-consumed player that ever existed in professional football. How did this man become the person we see today?

    I recommend everyone do a little research on when his life changed and why. This was a guy who had it all and drove his car off a cliff in the prime of his career because he wanted to die. Now decades later, he’s obsessed with using football to turn boys into honorable men.

    That’s why I’m rooting for Deion. He’s real in the way most people aren’t. And his mission goes beyond football. Young men are absolutely craving that guidance right now.

  4. Please do not make this about race.. we are witnessing beautiful football right now. Please do not interject politics and let us enjoy this great time

  5. It’s now a “Thing” to tune into Deion’s post game interviews. Epic. It’s now a “Thing” to tune into Deion’s post game interviews. Epic.

  6. There are some people who are built for that time slot.

  7. Just stop
    Bringing out race every time. Just talk about football.

  8. It wasnt dominant Nebraska’s D shut them down first half if they had a half an offensive they would of won. Usc and Oregon will be a challenge.

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