POST-FIGHT! Oleksandr Usyk responds after beating Anthony Joshua to become world heavyweight champ


  1. Love his character so funny and real.

  2. Usyk is very amazing guy able to give glory for the lord!

  3. People don’t react to their own fight. They do an interview. I’ve unsubbed. I watch sports to avoid all that cringey crap.

  4. Well Done Usyk…well done.! Glory to God !

  5. Some days are rough some days are tough really need to delete that

  6. He might have added mass, but Usyk’s body is used to that cruiserweight agility and all the polished technique that he’s been accruing is going nowhere. This is like a reverse Ruiz situation, boxing was the losing battle, AJ had to spin his jaw asap. But since the Ruiz loss, he’s hasn’t been the same savage; obviously learning not to move loose is good, but the fearlessness he had to try break a man’s head in Round 2 has been missing when it was most needed. Hopefully he’ll move ruthless in the rematch and collect his belts back.

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