Police identify 7 victims, suspect discovered shot to death in Enoch, Utah home

Police have identified the eight members of a family who were discovered dead in a home Wednesday in Enoch City.


  1. Behind closed doors, the world is a different place lord knows what goes on?

  2. So sad 🎉 was it mental illnesses?

  3. He couldn’t afford that house no more

  4. I guessed divorce proceedings when it came up on a newsfeed.

  5. They believe he murdered all of them and then committed suicide? 17, 12 and two 7 year olds didn’t run??? So sad.

  6. Give them more guns for protection!!!! The mighty America has long fallen! The west has failed!

  7. This world has gone literally crazy 🙏🙏🙏 rip to the victims

  8. moral of the story? don’t give out divorce papers like they’re candy, your actions have consequences. shows how rotten white women have become

    • omg, men are becoming pathetic, disgusting and pure garbage. No wonder women want nothing to do with you all. FO

    • @Laura Muller we don’t need you to survive kekw nice self-own, have fun with your vibrator, I’ll be in the woods, you know, surviving!

  9. also that house will be going for significantly less so hop on itLOL

  10. >creates a generation of cold hearted men through sociopathic female behavior
    >why would men do this

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