PokéTuber Reacts to Jaiden’s “Darkest Pokémon Game”

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  1. If no one cares about coliseum then why do you like mirror b’s retro groove from coliseum so much?

  2. 3:55 that is practically one of the most, if not the most heartbroken and amazing moment that has happened in any video I have seen from your channel at the same time! This is way too gold!

  3. the gamecube games need a remake. I also think it would be cool if you’d play them, mikey.

  4. I find it interesting that Gonzap’s eyes look yellow in Coliseum and grey and blue in XD

  5. Those games were everything. I share in your frustration

  6. This is gonna be kinda random but I want to see a stegosaurus pokemon that’s steel/poison and has gas canisters for its plates.

  7. SS Libra? More like SS Ligma

  8. Gabriel hosenbokus

    You look like Kenny Loggins

  9. Jaiden–and I, but that one’s less cool–are from Arizona, so cool to learn the game environment is based on Paradise!

  10. Wait, the region for the Gamecube titles was based on Arizona!?

    I LIVE in Arizona!!!

    Now I gotta find a copy!

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