Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with a side of salt

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  1. Cue to 3:32 when this guy starts actually complaining about battling pokemon trainers in this POKÉMON GAME.

    Yeah his opinion is totally reliable for a Pokémon game.

  2. Honestly… Give me Undertale voices and I would be a bit happier with the shit game code ethics

    • Secondly if I was a game developer and my models (polygon models) were going to be 5 frames a second cause they are flapping thier wings, I would have sat them down real fast. No flying birds unless it’s needed and look. Wall branches just to accommodate the wild birds inside the school

    • Thirdly, this should of been what the first switch game should have looked like. Like Sonic, 3D was a mistake

  3. lmao “step in the right direction”

    the insaely wealthy lazy scumbags at gamefreak should be developing a freaking pokemon tactile vr mmo for the playstation 9 considering the insane amounts of cash theyre hoarding

  4. This game looks worse than any game on the GameCube

  5. They have my boy his flames back

    Finely pokemon listens to us

  6. Typhlosion has his flames back🤩🤩🤩. 9/10. Patch the graphics I’ll rate it again.

  7. I hope they don’t touch Gen 5, I don’t want a 3d remake

  8. No Nacli? Disappointed.

  9. i have never burst into tears faster than when atreus hugged kratos. their relationship is so special to me, i am so happy to see the way they’ve progressed as father and son :-/

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