Pokemon Scarlet and Violet In-Depth Review

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are here! And with an impressive open-world, 3 main tales, and tons of new Pokemon, is the ninth gen the beginning of an epic new age, or do the performance concerns make it flop? Figure out in our in-depth review going over open-world gameplay, battles, new Pokemon, performance, and more! #Pokemon #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

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  1. Why do I feel like the game is so rushed since legends arceus background looks better than S&V…

  2. Judging from the reviews and stuff, this feels like a forced release of a beta game and we are paying a good price to test it for them. Game freak is insanely wealthy and powerful company but dishes out garbage. Nice

  3. That first game was the best game ever watched

  4. That microwave one is just too real, I really felt it when it went mmmmmmmmmmmmBbmmbmbmbmmmmbbmmmmmmmmm DING

  5. People need to stop acting like the performance issues are due to the Switch. The legend of zelda breath of the wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Dragon quest XI and Starfox: starlink battle for atlas are all open world games that look and run smoothly on the Switch. The reason why this game underperforms is because game freak still isn’t used to working on console games…… They honestly need to outsource to Namco.

  6. 6:33 simp to the rescue, no one cares about a friendly rival, we want a rival that talks trash and is actually good at Pokémon battles like Blue.

  7. I am going to wait til a patch comes out… which sucks

  8. 4:04 there is in fact a button to auto put camera behind the player. Its the L button/bumper.

    Lmao error 4:04 and L

  9. The reset your view behind the player button is L.

  10. Looking forward to the next two years of war zone 2 with jev :/

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