Pokémon Presents | 2.27.2023

What did you think of today’s Pokémon Presents, Trainers? 👀


  1. Another reason to wake up every morning

  2. 5:56 if this sentence is true then in going to be in tears (CC)


    Мне понравилось мне нравится

  4. Kill this franchise already. All they release now is low quality, out of touch garbage.

  5. AlphaZealot! awesome to see you on here bud!


  7. Bro threw me off with chris brown 😂💀

  8. Put a national dex in the game

  9. Κωνσταντίνος Κατσαρός

    Happy Pokemon Day everyone and Pokemon Company. I don’t know BUT I have the feeling of them putting all pokemon in the DLCs since my mind travels for some reason on the past when I played the rest of pokemon games. You know, I see always some creatures like Rattata, Emboar, Meganium, Toucannon and all other pokemon that they are in the end of year. Wish they add Battle Tower ( the infinity pokemon battle )
    Nevertheless they say some Pokemon will be catchable but others may be only able to transferred via P. Home
    All depends on the company and Game Freak.
    If they do that, it will be the biggest ( crossover ) game of pokemon history
    Happy Pokemon Day, cheers 🥂

  10. people really be like “oh yeah I’m a Pokémon fan” and then proceed to criticize and harass Gamefreak over every small decision they make

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