Pokemon Legends : Arceus (dunkview)

Let the myth return to life.


  1. A real open world Pokémon that not gimmick to play only sections at a time like Sword and Shield.

  2. This is the first strand type Pokemon game

  3. Pokemon Legends : Arceus is an amazing first step into turning Pokemon into the open world masterpiece we all envisioned when we were kids. It’s super slow at first, but it picks up.

  4. that intro is golden 🤣

  5. Dunkey forgot the mystery dungeon games reee

  6. i REMEMBER being like EIGHT sitting in front of my N64 thinking this format was so obvious. Now I’m too old TGAF 🤩

  7. HJCK FaZe ikon co-leader Nuke


  8. All Gamer official channel

    Awesome video mate keep up the good work 👍😊

  9. tf is a bubbler

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