Pokémon Evolutions | Official Trailer 2

More battles. More Pokémon. And also more Evolutions!

Tune in weekly starting 12/2 for the next four episodes of Pokémon Evolutions and find the awesome adventure that anticipates in the Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto locations!


  1. So they killed ash off

  2. TeamAquaLeaderArchy

    Ok but y is this getting a trailer? Its a mini series and we were promised these episodes already they shouldve been released by now lol

  3. Abhay Kumar Sharma

    Mystery is who was the man watching Ho-Oh?

  4. may is stacked lmao

  5. 22k likes 152 dislikes

  6. The fact that yet again Dialga, gets more publicity by the pokemon company in stead of Palkia, shows who they favor more😒 0:34

  7. More epic


  9. One Piece lovers- This will never end
    Pokemon Lovers- Wait for my turn

  10. Waiting for the leftist to say Pokemon is racist because it doesn’t offer up enough variety of character colors on screen. Oh yeah it’s a creation of Japan so they don’t let this snowflakes cancel culture affect it.

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