Pokemon Emerald but every battle is exceedingly not fair

Pokemon emerald but every battle is a 1v2

Edited by: Cosmizog

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  1. Team rocket morals moment

  2. When you gonna go ironmon?

  3. Chilean foosball

    Just ignore all the incredibly convenient crits~

  4. whats with grown men and playing children games

  5. The lonely zigzagoon without friends

  6. All i want to say is Thank you Atsign. For all the modd you’ve ever created for us all to enjoy 😀

  7. This looks fun. Smant, you should post a link to all the rom hacks Atsign makes for you. I’d love to play some of these.

  8. Sean Whyte GRBe

    Video idea, have atsign make a mod where your Pokémon cant evolve or go past lvl 30 or something and beat the game

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