Pluto and the Dwarf Planets

Pluto is back! His adventures searching for the mysterious dwarf planets continue!

Welcome to SolarBalls! Your planetball / spaceballs channel filled with fun, entertaining animations that also help you learn about the solar system, and the universe. If you like space animations and comedy – then this channel is for you!

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  2. We need more of neptune!

  3. Why is Charon irregular?

  4. Finally it’s time to watch the dwarf planets 😁 keep up the hard work

  5. WHERE IS CERES!!!!!!!

  6. these videos are AMAZING….


  8. Christophet Huerta

    What about Ceres he is a dwarf planet after all

  9. The Isaactophat 👾

    Why is Ceres on the thumbnail even though he wasn’t even in the video🤨🫵

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