Please give this poor girl some eyes. (YIAY #475)

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  1. #CreatorAwards Dope or Nope because they always make my day better with their good funny content

  2. Sarah Schauer! She deserves the world #creatorawards

  3. #CreatorAwards Mrs. Breezy, formally known as Kuledude3 has recently began making videos again, but gets only a small amount of views. I know you did a collab video with them a while back, and thier content helped me out of a tough time in life.

  4. It’s called the edit

  5. Kooper Throckmorton

    #CreatorAwards Door Monster. They make such amazingly edited and comedic videos and, yes, they are currently sitting on over 100k subscribers but I personally think the deserve so much more. #ExtortionistHobo

  6. hmmmmmm my friend said he hate your videos before you copy pewdiepies but really who cares it’s a video

  7. Fuck Billy Eyelash

  8. #CreatorAwards
    The stupendium.
    an amazing, under-appreciated creator who makes top quality video game raps like dan bull.

  9. #CreatorAwards 100% Captain Disillusion. He got some recognition on H3H3 but it’s not enough.

  10. High Calibar Garbage

    Hope I spelled that right. he does great videos, but his channel is underrated.

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