Playing Minecraft for the First Time EVER…

Today we are finally playing Minecraft for the very first time!
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Hey all people it is SypherPK, and welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play! I try to keep these video clips as tidy and family friendly as feasible. Today it is my very first time EVER playing Minecraft! I have never played the game before so this is my first attempts at making instruments and surviving my first evening. Hope you take pleasure in!

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  1. @Sypher Plays pls stream minecraft

  2. When sypher gets to the nether can’t wait lol

  3. Sypher: breaks golden block with his fists and wastes it

  4. Zylo Amusement & Adventures

    I swear Sypher has like 30 YT accounts

  5. Do more PLZ

  6. Sebastiaan Kamphuis

    Wait….. he bought windows 10 version…..(no hate i have a pc and i have java and windows 10 but just why didn’t he buy java)

  7. New sub

  8. its nice to see him not know what to do

  9. Theres a duck here – SypherPk 2021

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