Players firmly requesting trades has ‘gotten a little uncontrolled’ — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Bypass Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to debate NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s recent remarks relating to trade firmly requests becoming a concern that must be addressed. Hear why Skip believes the participant movement around the league, which includes forcing trades, has gotten a little uncontrolled and unveils an extremist thought of trades.

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UNDISPUTED is an every day two-and-a-half hour sports debate show featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Daily, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, keen, fervent beliefs on the largest sports subjects of the day.


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Have player trades gotten out of control?

    • @Daniel , honoring the contact they signed for someone else though is stupid. Let’s take Walmart, k-Kmart and Target and say they are kind of like a league. Let’s say, I’m the owner of Walmart and I want to hire you. I bring you in, we sit down and talk about Walmart, I tell you what you can expect from us and you tell us what we can expect from you, after talking for awhile, we come to an agreement and we sign a contract stating the you are going to work for me for 5yrs. Imagine how I would feel then, when after 1 or 2yrs, you come to me and say I want to be traded to Target. That would suck for me. You’re not honoring the contract you signed with me. Why not just finish out the contract, then you can go to work for Target

    • Black always out of control

    • Raphael De La Ghetto

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED No. Just like Shannon said, there’s only handful of guys that can do that and it doesn’t happen that often. You guys just talk about it a lot.

    • No it is better than what the team have been doing. There is no loyalty. Never was to begin with. The players should do what it is best for them.

  2. Hey y’all, go check out this new inspiration College football documentary! The first episode is out, here’s a link!

  3. Would this be an issue if Kawai went with Lebron???

  4. They need franchise tags to curb this.

  5. i dont get why teams are mad about this – they actually get a return if the players demand a trade well before the free agency period….. it benefits all parties involved really

    pels, OKC, weren’t really going anywhere so it made sense for them to trade and get development pieces in return

  6. Slattermer Slab

    It’s very easy to fix, just go after the money. If players ask for a trade they lose 50% of their remaining contract, and team lose 15 to 20% of cap for trading players locked in contract with said team

  7. If this was White players with the power nobody would see a problem! Black/#ados People being able to control their destiny has always been a Problem!

  8. Life Force Foward

    That’s what happens when you raise up a bunch of narcissist by telling there the next all time great this or that. You get a bunch of diva way overpaid, all about me players. The old school NBA was much better. Isaiah Thomas played a games with a freaking broken foot. Not saying they should do that, but just saying that the NBA Is more about lifestyle, than anything else. Like Grant Hill said once. Some guys are just In It for the lifestyle.

  9. Skip is so over played, shut up and go away

  10. STOP THE MADNESS, Skip ! NONE of those players left 50 MIL on the table. They are betting that they will get at least 40 MIL in that 5th year from their new team. So it’s maybe a loss of 10 MIL up front for a better situation over the next FOUR years. It’s worth it !

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