Plague Doctor – Among Us #shorts

This is my first attempt at using posca pens by drawing Red in a plague physician outfit. What is your favourite Among Us outfit?

I am fully new to posca art but I desired to practice. Yes I’m not the finest presently but that’s fine.

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#shorts #speeddrawing #drawing #amongus #amonus #amougus #amogus #redissus #imposter #sus


  1. Ferrets Bad Drawings

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  2. oh geez how hard was it to draw a goddamn 2D flash sprite?

  3. When the Plague Doctor is SUS 😂

  4. Emergency meeting
    Red sus

  5. amogus

  6. If you wanna be imposter all the time
    Here’s the way:💯💯💯💯
    Black hat,black skin and having bird look

  7. Plague doctor is the best

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