Phone Water Cooling is REAL! But does it work?

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Should YOU try water cooling your phone? Why would anybody even want to do this? Let us figure out…

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  1. Guess Who This Is

    why? cause we can

  2. This will be perfect for google stadia when playing on mobile.

  3. Being completely honest, if some company could recreate this to be actually convenient (a phone is meant to be portable) then they may actually be onto something imo

  4. Hudson Jackson II

    I thought Samsung phones from the Note 8 onward were already water cooled!

    While those contraptions are encouraging news, it’s not really suitable if you’re really trying to game portably. I’d rather invest in a few icepacks and an insulated lunch bag instead.

  5. Jackeryz’s Son

    Next video: world’s first aerogel phone cooler setup.

  6. Avid Mobile Gamer . hahahahaha

  7. Only Linus would refer to a phone as heavy

  8. Why do you never fix your hair.

  9. Jason St Pierre

    Jesus man, your hair looks like Cameron Diaz’s after borrowing Ben Stiller’s doorway “hair gel” in Something about Mary.
    Yes, that visualization is hitting you now isn’t it?

  10. *Finally…Now I can play angry birds on extreme mode*

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