Peter Pan & Wendy Looks Amazing!

Really, we live in terrific days! Another classic story is being remade by Disney for Modern Audiences, and I’m all here for it. Join me as I take a look at the trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy.

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  1. Bálint Kovács

    Technically I’d also count Jungle Book and Pinnichio as a “live action remake” because those at least had human characters in them. Yes I’m looking at you Lion King. And why do people always forget the Cinderella movie which actually started the live action trend to begin with? But other than that, it’s a low budget Peter Pan meets Pirates of the Carribean. I will admit though, this is one of those rare cases where I don’t really mind the race-swapping of characters like Tinker Bell. As long as her personality doesn’t change, being a fairy her appearance is of less consequence since it has no direct relevance to the story– which of course also raises the question of why is there a need felt for such token changes, but I’ll take this lesser of two evils if there is no option for not making changes.

  2. Hubert Calculus

    I thought it was Brave when Tinkerbell did a hip-hop beat of “I need that white D, inside of me.”

  3. Yet another movie where the only white men are inept, assholes or the mustache twirling villains.

    Yet another movie where the male lead’s name is literally the TITLE of the movie, yet he gets upstaged in every conceivable aspect by the “bad ass, strong, independent, sexually non-conforming” female lead.

    Yet another movie where historically Caucasian characters are replaced with every shade of brown under the sun (again, aside from the evil, backwards thinking bad guys.)

    Yet another live action Disney remake of a classic animated film, made to “update problematic views of the past for ‘’’mOdErN aUdIeNcEs’’’ “
    When we all really know it’s so that they can cling to their copyright harder than the Drinker clings to the last bottle of Jameson.

    Yet another movie I will proudly NOT see, and will, in fact, proudly watch the myriad of reviewers and critics and ACTUAL fans who can see this gobshite for what it is as they tear this, and little mermaid, and “Snow White” to shreds.

  4. Gary Frankenfield

    They just find a way to destroy anything. Why couldn’t you just make it the way it was. We got to make sure we put all our freak in there and make it cool.

  5. Are they bipoc??? Are they trans??? Cant wait!!!!

  6. redvitamin blue

    Whenever the Ministry of Entertainment sanitizes and repurposes the properties they have liberated from wrong-think, I sometimes experience a ping of anxiety. I ask myself: “What if a modicum of the old world remains embedded in these stories? If so, what if I get contaminated by the magic and joy previously contained in these beloved and sacred IPs? ” And then I am assured by each trailer and preview that I will not be corrupted, that the old world is being replaced and that the march towards our great utopia progresses. The past will be cleansed with fire and an inoffensive, equitable, and inclusive future will prevail.

  7. I will not mourne another one of my childhood classics being butchered since the original still exists and will simply revel in the fact that this is going to be another massive disaster and I am able to spectate from a distance.

  8. Please stop reviewing Disney crap. It will lead to some more people what it.

  9. guy on the couch 13

    Say what you want.. Sarcasm rules

  10. U forgot Cinderella

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