Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Ricotta and Chives (episode 125)

When I first had scrambled eggs with ricotta and chives at a local eating place I thought I had passed away and gone to egg paradise! The taste was so perfect, but the texture was just divine. I knew I had to arise with my own recipe to reinvent this scrambled egg masterwork.

These eggs reminded me so much of being in France. And if there is one thing the French know, it is how to make eggs; trust me on this one!

When I went to buy the eggs to make this recipe they did not have the organic eggs I typically purchase. I thought of getting the free range eggs but they are genuinely just not the same. A lot of merchandising goes into those egg labels but all people knows that organic is constantly best. I ended up traveling 7 minutes to another store to find the organic ones, and kid was it well worthwhile. Plus I burned of some additional calories which truly revved up my appetite!

I harvested the chives from a friends herb grove. I am sure going to owe her one! I guess I’m going to have to make her one of those mimosas 😉

Alright, well let us get to it. The recipe:

3 organic eggs
Fresh chives
Fresh ricotta cheese
Salted organic butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Finely chop the chives until you have around a tablespoon or so. Remember this doesn’t have to be perfect! I end up putting in a different amount every time.

Crack three eggs into a bowl and whisk. Feel free to add in some salt and don’t let anyone tell you it makes the eggs tough or watery! Salt breaks down protein and if anything it will make them just slightly more tender.

Heat your pan to medium low. Be patient with this. Add in some butter (not too much!) then pour in your eggs.

Scrape the bottom of the pan with your silicone spatula until the eggs are almost set, just a bit undercooked.

Stir in two tablespoons or so of fresh ricotta cheese, and remove the pan from the heat.

Spoon the eggs onto some delicious whole grain toast and serve with fruit of choice. The contract in texture between the crunch toast and the soft eggs is to die for.

Now that’s what I call perfect scrambled eggs 🙂


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  2. this is just cursed

  3. You blew my mind with this approach .. LOL

  4. i had to go watch a normal ysac video just to calm myself

  5. Not another anime review channel

    Mom YSAC is treating me nicely, i dont like it.

  6. Georgios Vavliaras

    I came here to have my culinary abilities questioned, tf is this

  7. Henry McRattington

    I’m early-ish

  8. Marc-Andre Guillemette

    THANK GOD You released that video on April 1st. For a second i thought my Online Cooking School was closing with that video. I tried reproducing the recipe and got all wrong. First i didn’t find any toast trees in my backyard, how you got yours? I cracked my eggs on my dog’s flat surface and didn’t work out. You meant adding some Ricotta , i added my Grandmother who is named Ricottas and she didn’t want a part of this. Can’t wait for your real cooking shows coming back

  9. What the fuck was that

  10. Something very concerning is going on here. I don’t know who i am anymore.

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