Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks | Snack Wars | @LADbible

In this episode of Snack Wars we sat down with the astonishing Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau, who were comparing American and Chilean snacks.

Pedro got nostalgic discussing his favourite childhood snacks from Chile, whilst Jon told us about his go-to McDonald’s order and they both agreed that Reese’s is the greatest chocolate bar EVER!

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  1. The Mandalorian Season 3 is available now, exclusively on Disney+

  2. 2 woke weirdos

  3. Chile still would’ve won but y’all scored it wrong. USA won for Reese’s Pieces and the strawberry shake but you only have USA 1 point.

  4. UK do have good snack. Pedro can look me in the eye and tell me he doesn’t like Crunchies and Tunnocks tea cakes.

  5. Lily Rose Soul007

    These guys eat like regular people. 👍 Some actors act like food is a chore.

  6. Neither McDonald’s nor an empanada should be considered a “snack.”

  7. The way he said “healthy snack” and looking at the camera has put me in A&E

  8. Isabella Simonetti

    Faltaron sopaipillas

  9. oh i love them

  10. Patricio Cáceres

    pan con palta y ajo lo mejor!

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