Pedro Pascal Forgot He Was Cast In The Last Of Us | The Graham Norton Show

Pedro Pascal took an ambien and forgot he was cast in The Last Of Us.

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  1. Helen Mirren so beautiful! So in it!

  2. How can you forget what

  3. Kriste Andrea Tujague

    Once again, I loved him in WW1984. 💙

  4. He’s the only actor left that’s any good, every film he’s in , he nails it !

  5. He was sooo good in Narcos, together with the whole amazing cast!

  6. Now this!!! This is an actor! Enough said

  7. I need this man’s confidence. lol. Great actor.

  8. Why is the GNS taking a 6-month break!?

  9. TMI Pedro!!! hahahah

  10. PEDRO ❤️

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