peach’s fifth bday



  1. So if i bring my dog to Petsmart and show everyone what im buying and how nice i am i can get over 900,000 views hmm.

  2. My dog fucking *loves* Wild Weenies.

  3. What kind of dog doo they have

  4. this is the most wholesome video ever and I love it

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEACH!!!!!!☻?❤???

  6. Im Canadian and i can confirm kermit is a Canadian goose

  7. On Australian Shark Tank, one of the Sharks owns the biggest pet store chain in Australia called Pet Barn and he would EAT THAT SH*T RIGHT UP!

  8. Happy Birthday, Peach! Hang in there Kermit… yours is coming up!

  9. like should i just jump in front of a bus to take the chance i could be reincarnated as their next dog…

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