Peach Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Georgia Bulldogs | Full Game Highlights

Watch highlights from the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl as the Georgia Bulldogs rally to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes, 42-41, and secure a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.


  1. Michael Stringly

    Kicker went from GOAT to goat.

  2. They both played so stinking hard. It was beautiful. I battle to remember.

  3. Greatest kicker in ohio

  4. ArtModelwasahero

    The game changed dramatically with Harrison going down, unfortunate but things happen. I thought Georgia was going to blow out the bucks, but turned out to be one of a game to watch. Hope the National Championship is just as good!

  5. 😳 y does uga receive 1 point at the end? I haven’t watch football in very long time

  6. Both games were tremendous. Ohio state stopped going for yardage and it cost them. Two plays before the last field goal went backwards.

  7. Stroud just got himself the first pick in the draft.

  8. What was that final field goal attempt???

  9. bobby kiriakidis

    Wow both Michigan and Fuckeyes losing is Spartan heaven!

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