Pawn Stars: RARE Julius Caesar Bust is PURE SILVER (Season 18) | History

This seller wants giant cash for his Julius Caesar bust made out of 500 oz. silver, so Corey calls in a master to give his input on this uncommon item, in this clip from Season 18, “Pawn Shop Rock.”


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  2. He should have just held on to it and have another buyer offer more. Millenials are so impatient.

  3. Dude bought 40k worth of hookers and blow and it was gone by the morning and then a month later he died of syphilis.

  4. I love it when they bring in just gold or silver !

  5. How much for one buy one sir pawn stars,more coins with me sir,

  6. Lidya Rachmatinna

    I don’t think he’s good at bargaining 😂

  7. Can’t find any online, must be no demand for em’

  8. Another human tooken by the pawnster.

  9. The old man would have melted it down

  10. 1 dollar and I’m taking a huge risk here

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