Pat Bev Fourth-Quarter Ejection | Inside Reacts to Suns Win Over Lakers | NBA on TNT

The Inside crew talks about Patrick Beverley’s fourth-quarter ejection and the Suns’ 115-105 triumph over the Lakers

Watch highlights from Inside the NBA with Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson and more!


  1. Charles Barkley deserves not to have a Championship

  2. LuckyCAD : All according to plan

  3. Markiplier is one of the most successful youtubers on the platform, and no matter how successful he becomes, rage games will always be there to show that he is in fact still human just like the rest of us lol

  4. Lakers just mad they were getting crushed by the suns… AGAIN! This team is trash and they just hate in the suns

  5. This show is dead…ernie already canceling the fun as soon as shaq and charles go on their funny more barbershop conversations on inside the

    Looks like ernie is no longer making it rain rolling on 20s…studabaker it is..or maybe a volvo

  6. Patrick Beverley you better stop shovel Suns players, otherwise I shovel your family

  7. Lebron is the week link smh

  8. Don’t stand over someone’s teammate!

  9. 1:29:13 It’s not just that. He insisted that they should save Tyr. He insisted that they should bring him to their home base, and in the end that got Brok killed. His stubbornness and not listening to warnings led to this, and now he’s finally feeling the brunt of the consequences.

  10. AD playing great but lebron gone ruin him. Trade lebron

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