PART TWO: Would You Meet Your Man’s Mistresses?

Real fam, if your man had a mistresses, would you be down to meet her?


  1. LEorioMyDanceChannel

    To answer the question in the heading… No, bc he’s gonna meet my dust! ??‍♀️ ?

  2. Why are these cunts still around? They cluck nosensically like a bunch of hens together in a henhouse. Thumbed down so l don’t have to know these people or the channel exists.

  3. Loni is the kind of friend we all want & need, *brutally honest*

  4. I love two for one vaginas

  5. Elaine Donaway

    You disgusting…a hater of Black women

  6. Its so weird that this is even a question. Why is he still your man if he had a mistress? He doesn’t love you.

  7. Someone needs to tell Beyoncé this. You need to leave him.

  8. And they talk politics? Ugh this is cringe

  9. Women wants to talk about double standards hahahahahahahahaha ??

  10. Ratchet version of “The Talk” ????

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