PART 2: Can We Win a Volleyball Tournament in Anime Uniforms?

Previously on our expedition we made it to the playoffs. It is finally time for Karasuno to truly test our limits.
0:00 – Intro
0:22 – The Playoffs
0:47 – Semi-finals
3:35 – Training
4:13 – The Day of
5:41 – The Finals
8:05 – Can We Win a Volleyball Tournament in Anime Uniforms?
9:04 – Party
Huge thank you to Bryson Baugus (Hinata Shoyo) for the guest appearance! Also thank you to Andrew, Kieran, Collin, Ankit, Janice, and everybody else for making this possible!


  1. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    I like Collin’s character development though.

  2. Pyshic Friend FredBear

    kuroko no basket next perhaps?

  3. John Michael Recolaso

    The narration for the whole thing was on point 10/10 video series fasho haha

  4. Bro fr they’re actually anime protagonists

  5. Seeing the first part of the series made my interest go back up in volleyball and now am in the school team .
    This series for too good fr

  6. These badasses really won a volleyball tournament with anime uniforms

  7. Am I the only one who is actually starting to think that these guys are the real Haikyuu team from the anime?💀💀

  8. we need the NATIONALS ARC!!

  9. basketball arc next?

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