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  1. People: If you love Domics make this blue
    Me: #this

  2. domics: just dont neglect your kids


  3. Dom: why argue with yourselves? no one is going to win.
    me: well see about that

  4. 0:14 i think I cried inside a little..
    Yondu … 🙁

  5. Is it bad sometimes I imagine myself as such a parent in the future 4:14 xd

  6. dude my aunt tells her 2yo kid “no dont do that, have respect, respect!” like she has ever told what respect is or the kid knows the meaning of that work, telling her just “dont do that thats bad” would work better, but no that kid is already a mess.

  7. #11 trending and almost a million views in less than 24 hours! Jheeze, Dom, that’s impressive.

  8. Ehh I turned out ok

    ( But there’s the fact that I hog all the art supplies and draw almost every day and I listen to gaming music instead of those other popular songs made by people who rap and I watch cartoons on youtube made by people like the odd 1s out , jaiden animation , domic’s, something else yt , and more animators )

    Which makes me a : Fat gaming nerd , a art hoe , and a weird person

  9. Me: gross I don’t want to use the same thing you used to drink/eat/whatever
    My mom: I am your mother!
    (and therefore any germs will cancel out???)

  10. Is Domics having a kid?

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