Parenting: 90s vs Today

I’m still pretty nostalgic about baggy jeans and hose water but the @T-Mobile SyncUP KIDS Watches are pretty slick too! #parenting #backtoschool #TMobilePartner

About Dude Dad:
Hi! I’m Taylor Calmus, a rural South Dakota born and Colorado-based actor/comedian. I started Dude Dad© two weeks before my son Theo was born as a way to stay creative while learning to be a father. My wife Heidi and I now have 4 kids and over 500+ videos. We also have a TV show on the Magnolia Network called Super Dad. My purpose for the channel is to entertain, enlighten and inspire.


  1. 100% accuracy with this one! 😂 love your work!!

  2. Selling those watches hard. You are a commercial. Dont forget your merch, and your signings, and your blah blah blah.

  3. Bridget Banerjea

    This is great! My favorite was the random scenes-Heidi stirring an empty bowl, Taylor grilling bananas 😂

  4. MsChenandlerBong

    And we were so much happier with our lame crap back then.

  5. A t mobile ad on trending nice

  6. People today send young kids to the park alone??

  7. I remember growing up in last 1990’s and early 2000’s

  8. My parents did things the easy way in the 90’s. They just told me to be home as soon as the street lights came on or I was going to “get it” 😂. Darn it, now I just want a pair of jellies as an adult woman :-(. Why can’t WE have jelly shoes??? They were so cute!

  9. charlotte Rivera

    I’m glad I had my kids then and not now things have changed since then and not for the better either.

  10. Why does Heidi’s 90s mom Seem like a Minnesota and mom, there’s definitely an accent coming through there😂

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