Paper Mario – Episode 2: Smash Some Eggs!

We pick on somebody our own level!


  1. Hey, all! This video has a strange glitch where motion blurring gets really severe at 1080p, but this doesn’t happen in 720p or below. For now, just manually pick a lower resolution. This won’t affect future episodes.

  2. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You On

    Man, I’ve missed Chuggaa playing Mario games.

  3. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You On

    Paper Mario: I could have sworn that there was a platform outside… uh oh.
    Goofy screams
    Me: Aren’t you made of papers? YOU CAN FLOAT!

  4. Alessandra Makayla

    Paper mario with Chugga is never gonna get old

  5. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You On

    I love how Chugga relays the slogan of the toad house, “Refresh your Body and Mind” and then tells us to “Keep it in Mind for later.” Immediately followed by Goombama yelling at Goombario to “Mind” his manners and Goompapa telling them to keep a Calm Mind. Caught me off guard Chugga made no puns ha.


  7. Alessandra Makayla

    It’s just so weird to see Chuggaa play Paper Mario and not get cut-off for the 11-minute time limit.

  8. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You On

    How is Chuggaa not in voice acting at this point?? He can emote and make a character sound good!!

    I’m so glad that this LP is back!

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