Paper Mario – Episode 1: Back to the Fairy Tale

We are back to an old favorite!


  1. 26:44 “He is already looking pretty lonely with the way he is moving.” EMILE!!!

  2. Yeah that pretty spot on when it comes to tracking them in the air. If that was me I would be moving my joystick to stick with him. Seems too suspicious.

  3. Awesome he is redoing it

  4. I just bought the original N64 and one first game I bought was paper Mario loved that game when I was a kid love that game now 👌🏽

  5. Hard to believe I discovered Chugga almost half my life ago and now he’s replaying one of my favorite games of all time!

    I’m glad you’re still going strong, can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

  6. So damn glad he finally did a modern playthrough of this. My favorite game of all time. I’m so excited.

  7. God…time to feel so old

  8. Yes! Please do 100% and talk to everyone

  9. This is the playthrough that I first started watching on this channel.

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