Panama vs. Chinese Taipei Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Panama takes on the Chinese Taipei during the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

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  1. 4:42 que atrapadon

  2. 4:38 it’s amazing play!!

  3. 台湾加油! 不要放弃。 我会在日本等你。from Japan


  5. miss the best yankee players Rivera and Wang

  6. It’s called Taiwan

  7. You all no see The Chimese Taipei No.29
    7 ball lost 3 points 😂
    I am Taieanese Thank you all bestball fan looking Taiwan🥰

  8. Alexei_Willison-Vlogs

    This tournament has a great potential! Rounds in different continents before getting to the finals in the USA is so cool. Please MLB, let each country use their players with no restrictions. Then we all see how competitive and exciting every game would be.
    For now, let’s go Panama!!!!!🙂👍

  9. Alexei_Willison-Vlogs

    Soy de Panama ojala el beisbol fuera como el futbol que en los mundiales liberan a los jugadores para que representen a su pais.

  10. Chinese Tapei, Is this for real? Does China censer baseball now

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