Paldean Starter Evolutions Reveal in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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  1. IDK why some people hates Floragato like come on man we already have fury humanoid Pokemon (Incineroar)🙍🏻‍♂️

  2. I love sprigatito and florgato’s designs but meowscarada’s design just ruins it for me. Looks like I’ll be choosing fuecoco.

  3. For me, is is Sprigatito, no question. Quaxly is a distant second, and Fuecoco doesn’t even cross the starting line. I don’t care for the other two final evolutions at all.

  4. Fuecoco line are crocodiles (aka reptiles), similar to snake… so it continues the chinese zodiac trend somehow XD
    same as Fennekin line (fox) who is the same family as dogs (canine)

  5. For me it’s top pick Sprigatito because I dig it’s evolution line, 2nd Quaxly because it’s ok second evolution isn’t the best but neither was Rowlets it comes together in the end for both though, 3rd Fuecoco. I’m sorry but the evolution line isn’t my aesthetic and that’s ok, they can’t all be Totodile. 2nd L for fire pokemon for me, first was Tepig. THIS IS JUST JUDGING OFF AESTHETIC, I don’t battle other players so I tend to pick my pokemon off aesthetics and what moves they learn.

  6. If anything Meowscarada looks like a phantom thief… Protean is also its hidden ability. Once I find an ability patch, it’s going on mine and I can’t wait to have it be overpowered

  7. Very very very bad desings

  8. I dont like any of the evoletion

  9. Are paradox Pokémon transferable between scarlet and violet? For example if I wanted to get violet but wanted a paradox exclusive to scarlet, would trading work?

  10. Those stats though 🤢

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