Paizo Wins. WotC loses. Game Over. – Brand New OGL

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  1. 7:30 Still some people missing mainly Critical Roll and Ghostfire gaming.

  2. Ididsubmititalready S

    Counter Culture. SJW’s using woke = broke.

  3. I’d pay good money to be a fly on the wall in the C-level board room at Hasbro/WOTC as they realize their epic fuckup.

    I doubt the full gravity of the situation has set in for them yet because they’re so disconnected from reality.

    This is like Gandalf telling Saruman his staff is broken and taking up the mantle as the White Wizard.

  4. Do I need to get the PF2e core rule book if I have the Advanced players guidebook?

  5. TheCatcherInTheRye leon

    Remember #JesusChrist. The time is short. Try to pray daily. Bigger changes are coming soon in the world.

  6. The Helpful Golom rises to fight the dragon.

  7. Scott doesntmatter

    I got news for you! Paizo is not the wonderful company this announcement makes it out to be. For starters, the company is ragingly woke to the point of discrimination.

  8. Paizo’s response told me how big the issue actually is. They published PF2 under the OGL1.0A but without any SRD content. PF2 was therefore its own SRD under the OGL. The OGL as a legal framework is still owned by WotC, so any attempt by Paizo to deal with 3pp under the OGL need WotC to cooperate. WotC is attempting to revoke 1.0a, thereby making Paizo look like a threat to 3pps. The ORC license is being created so that anyone can publish not only their own works under the SRD but their own SRDs that they want the community to have access to.

    It’s like WotC owned a ball factory and let everyone who wanted to make whatever balls they liked then suddenly said “I’m changing the rules on what kind of balls you can make and you have to pay me a whole bunch of money to make these balls.” Paizo’s response was “We’re building a new ball factory that anyone can use to make whatever kind of balls they want. You can even make different toys in the factory if you can figure out how to do it. And we’re giving the factory to Doctors Without Borders so that we can’t change our minds like WotC did.”

  9. Vaughan de Stoppelaar

    This fixes things so much for me.
    Community is core, and these publishers are so much better writers of content.

  10. Wotc is gonna start suing for every little copyrightable thing they can now. They wont have any choice. People have been using so many things from classes to monsters, spells, etc freely for years, and wotc never really said anything about the small stuff. Now that will change, so make sure you go through and make darn sure your content isnt using any little thing they may own a copyright on. Rukes and procedures cant be copyrighted so those are safe, but so much more is.

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