Padres vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (9/29/21) | MLB Highlights

Padres vs. Dodgers full game highlights from 9/29/21, introduced by Roman.

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  1. James Benedict S. Minoza

    We really got to tackle relief pitching by the off-season. Can not recall the number of times we blew a lead! Damn! We need a Liam Hendricks or Craig Kimbrel!!

  2. Why did ESPN show clips of each of the Dodgers 8th-inning HRs with 2 women calling the play-by-play & color commentary? As dull and boring as could be. Listening to someone describing mold growing on a piece of bread would’ve been more exciting. I would rather get root canal than watch anything on ESPN these days. Only they could’ve ruined this amazing game.

  3. What a joke of a team!! Pagan should understand that he is not a MLB pitcher, he has to realize that he is a joke, if he respects himself he should quit right now

  4. I love 7:20 the crowd stands and holds their breath then you see just everyone going crazy, my favorite kind of game

  5. I’ve never seen that many home runs in just one inning. I’ve watched the last 4 innings 3 times now.

  6. That was crazy #GoLA

  7. Hopefully ESPN doesnt have those two nags calling the next game. Had to mute the broadcast and turn on the radio.

  8. Boy to collapse like that, the Padres have a long way to go to compete with the Dodgers and the Giants, and I’m a Giants fan.

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