Overwatch 2: The Laziest Sequel

Overwatch 2 is the most recent but not greatest mistake from Blizzard. It is scarcely worth calling a sequel.

Introduction – 0:00
What Has Blizzard Been Doing? – 3:21
Overwatch 2 Isn’t a Sequel – 5:17
Locking Heroes in The Battle Pass – 9:24
What’s New? What Overwatch 2 Does Right – 12:41
Content Removed from Overwatch 1 – 17:41
Conclusion – 21:16


  1. I put more effort into the dump I took this morning

  2. Draco running like his rents due >:(

  3. Check penguinz0 review on overwatch 2 and have a different view on the matter

  4. I loved the been on fire thing give more motivation…. like a DPS on fire been like his doing a good job… after everymath the game feel so dead -_- like no progection

  5. OW2 has actually broken my brain. I’ve never even imagined a AAA company going off the rails with a flagship like this. I literally played OW1 monthly, coming back to it. Then I was excited for OW2 to be a new PvE title.. only for that to get canned and backburned. And then after that slap in the nuts, these clowns TAKE DOWN OVERWATCH to try and force me to play this new ugly downgrade.
    I mean, Blizzard, thanks for making the choice of freeing up driver space easier than ever?

  6. I’ve seen a lot of major streamers and content creators talking about how fed up they are with the battle pass and progression, and that they’ll not play the game much anymore due to this frustration. This also seems to be the sentiment of a lot of regular players, despite the game being fun to play. I think overwatch 2 is gonna share the exact same fate as halo infinite. It’ll pop off for a month, then drastically fall off in player count.

  7. To he honest the challenges in overwatch 2 are fine they are all stuff you should be doing in the game and they are pretty easy to do out side 20 team kills that one can take awhile

  8. Mr.papertoaster 359

    Junker Queen is just a reskin of Mad Maggie from Apex I both love and hate this

  9. Drungo is Aussie slang for idiot or dim wit.

  10. But… but… it’s clear they implemented the new garbage monetization system cause they couldn’t afford to cover development costs with the previous one. *said the Blizzard defender while going down on Blizzard’s shaft*

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