Overwatch 2 | One-Punch Man Collaboration Trailer

Presenting a cooperation of heroic proportions. Make ready to suit up and come out swinging with four exclusive Legendary skins which includes Saitama – Doomfist, Genos – Genji, Mumen Rider – Soldier 76, and Terrible Tornado – Kiriko! The Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man collab hits the Shop today, Mar 7!

©ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ


  1. Yoshua Martinez

    Had to Screenshot that Ramattra intro frame. Wayyyy too clean 😭 vibe had Pillar Men music playing in my head

  2. Atomic Megalodon

    A game too late, giving a character that can NO LONGER ONE SHOT PEOPLE the Saitama skin. Tragic

  3. Take my money you stupid game 💸

  4. Randomplaceinruralamerica

    A Denji skin for Rammatra would be cool to see

  5. Genji skin suck big time. Whoever designed it are a talentless hack and should be fired. It doesn’t look like genos at all and ugly af.

  6. Meh

  7. Grand Oak - Top 10's

    You know what we dont need @playoverwatch. What we dont need is another reason for people to play doomfist after you made him the worst hero in the game to play with. As a support main i want to tell you that out of the last 29 games i played with a doom we have won 1 game. I am ranked plat. Please make doomfist dps again. Cant waste a tanking spot that is so niche.

  8. Is it going to be available later for less?

  9. Glade Air-freshener

    i was playing soldier76, now i’ll be playing Mumen Rider76

  10. Overwatch cannot live up to One-Punch Man.

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