Overwatch 2 a Pathetic Sequel

Did not even add Winston 2. What a joke.


  1. Yes, this game sucks. But Dunkey left out one of the most anti-consumer systems that OW2 has now:

    Heroes locked behind battlepass. Yup. Gotta pay money to unlock heroes. Trying the League of Legends strategy for money.

  2. I finally played it last night. Yeah, it’s the laziest “new” game I ever saw. Totally not worth the effort. A few new maps, a new character or two, and they didn’t even get rid of the annoying asshole characters that all of us hate except for those assholes who camp on them and take the fun out of the match for everybody else. (Reaper, Genji, Pharah, McCree)

    I don’t see myself spending very much time playing this.

  3. Ohhhj I get it, this is one of these sarcastic reviews. Ofc dunky like the game, overwatch is the best game of all time.

  4. Donkie try Gundam Evolution

  5. The hates have been calling this video “Overwatch 2 a pathetic preview 1.1” but haters, I gotta say, you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is more like “Overwatch 2 a pathetic preview 0.7” because this video is actually 3 seconds shorter than that video

  6. from the near 0 amount of comments acknowledging that this is dunkeys last ow video 1.1, it’s clear that repackaging an old product is still a successful strategy (for the money) most of the time.

  7. Can’t even get skins 🙁

  8. Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

    Didn’t they get rid of the phone thing?

  9. Jokes on you I only played overwatch once over 5 years ago, didn’t like it. Now that I’ve actually played overwatch 2 I regret not playing overwatch 1 I’m having fun

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