Overnight Arctic Circle Train to World’s Largest Ice Hotel

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Episode 862 | Filmed February 2023 | Narkvik, Norway – Stockholm, Sweden

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Who are Kara and Nate?!

Initially from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married 2013 and were super “regular.” I was a professor and Nate began a tiny printing business from the spare bedroom of our apartment.

We found the world of “travel hacking” while planning our honeymoon & became addicted 😉

So after 2 years of obsessively saving $35k and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our automobiles and apartment and left home January 10, 2016 for a “one year” trip around the world.

Our goal was to see as many places as doable before we ran out of cash and went back home to “regular life.” We began this travel video blog to share our experiences with friends and family, but rapidly fell in love with living on the street and discovered a new enthusiasm for capturing our travels through video clip. So we did everything we could to keep going.

4 years later, we accomplished our new goal of visiting 100 nations and all 7 continents. We had no plans to slow down, until 2020 compelled us to 😉 Which is when we purchased a converted van to begin investigating our own country for the very first time.

After ~2 years of van life, we are back to full time traveling! And now we are finding the best adventures the world has to offer 🙂

We are incredibly grateful to be able to continue doing something we love every day. 😊🎥🌎 Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey!

#arctictrain #travel #sweden #norway

00:00 intro/spoilers 🙂
00:44 arctic train # 1 🗻
04:10 world’s largest ice Hotel❄️
16:22 overnight sleeper train to Stockholm🛌
24:51 showering on a train💁🏻‍♂️
26:21 free hotel upgrade thanks to DAILY DROP!🔥
27:13 Bloops😂


  1. Ok you guys cracked me up in this episode 🤣

  2. Creation… 9months later…

  3. Evelyn Hershkowitz

    Northern lights are so cool! So glad you got to see them!

  4. I’m wondering if you really good catch some sleep? Considering the noise, the shaking

  5. 9:48 Nate reminded me of the tik tok

  6. I took the night train north to Narvik in late August, which was quite nice. On the downside: no northern lights for me.

  7. You should go to Latvia this summer for “Latvian song and dance festival”, the feeling you get is indescribable

  8. You should take a cruiseferry between sweden and finland or tallinn with viking line or tallink silja

  9. Only wish I could live like you two do! It’s a rare thing… I really like traveling.


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