Our TINY HOME on the Ocean Ep. 199

Join us for 7 days of free diving, spearfishing, investigating abandoned islands and cooking in the Galley of our very small home on the sea. This week sort of tallies up what it is like to live aboard one-half of the time. This is why we love crusing in tropical climates ☀️??.

Video clips made by Elayna, featuring Riley!!

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What cameras do we use?


  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Was that better than the last season of Game Of Thrones???
    Please consider supporting the three human beings you see in this movie by clicking the link: http://bit.ly/SLVPatreon

  2. Take a shot every time you see the world Lenny in the comments

  3. You guys are beautiful and an inspiration to us all.

  4. Joseph Bennett

    How do you pay for your life???,,,, I’m Insanely jealous!!!

  5. Every few moths one of your videos pops up on my feed, and one thing that I’ve noticed every episode that I watch you are fishing for wahoo

  6. She’s ridiculously hot for someone who sails around for a living

  7. Where in Western Australia are u from

  8. First time seeing you guys for the 1st time so I’m just wondering what the 2 of you do for a living? Do both of you have jobs or just one? I know that boat is pretty darn expensive

  9. how do I get people to pay for a 5 year vacation?

  10. She is fucking Dan and hubby knows it and welcomes it, or has no clue……both possibilities are fucking disgusting.

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