Our Realistic Birth Experience

regretful we took so long, now you know why…

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  1. Congratulations! I’m so happy for the both of you, I tried so hard not to cry throughout this video ahahah 💓 I’m wishing the best for now the 3 of youu! 😘❤

  2. TroutShine Studios

    Congratulations On A Cute Baby!

  3. So sorry you guys had to go through all of that! ☹️ So so glad you both and baby are ok though.❤️

  4. I really want a pic

  5. مروة خالد هايزنغر إدريس

    This is definitely made me cry ❤️ i feel for you!

  6. So happy that the 3 of you are safe and healthy on the other side of such a taxing labor and delivery. Liana mothering will be one of the most important things you do, but PLEASE prioritize yourself for the next few months. Postpartum depression can affect any new mama but the chances increase when delivery turns out really different from what you expected, especially when there are some extra trials added to the process. Stay connected with you mental health provider, cut yourself slack if you don’t feel all the bright sun shiny feelings people say you “should” be feeling, take whatever help your loved ones offer regardless of any feelings of guilt. Be as gentle with yourself as you’ll be with Babi. Lots of well wishes!

  7. Please don’t turn into family floggers (like the ACE family)……

  8. Idk why but when she was having contractions just seeing her in pain made me cry

  9. Stranger things snow

    I am so happy that liana and baby are healthy and happy

  10. My Real Life Gacha

    Also, I feel like Podge sitting there on the stairs must’ve been supportive

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